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The second Innovation Wave application period has closed.

Stay tuned to find out which start-ups will present at Pitch Days!

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What is Start4big?

We are the first cross-sector open innovation initiative in Europe driven by Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT, and Telefónica, looking for the best start-ups to develop solutions to the most complicated business challenges. We want to be the first to adopt technologies that will have impact on our customers

Why partner with Start4big?



We create synergies between large companies and a community of high-level experts and leaders with whom you will make your business grow


We make it easier to access the knowledge and experience of our national and international professionals so that you can scale your project


We make our infrastructure, resources and technical and technological support available to you so that together we can develop pilot projects in real environments

How does it work?

We invite start-ups to compete in our six-month Innovation Waves and to solve the most pressing business challenges

Which are the most important dates?*

OCT '19

Kick-off of the Second Innovation Wave

The new challenges are launched and the platform opens for participants

MAR '20

Closing of the application period

The judges begin to evaluate the candidates’ projects 

APR '20

End of evaluation period

Judges complete the evaluations of candidate proposals and select the

MAY '20

Beginning of Pitch days

The selected pre-finalists will pitch their proposals from May 19-20

*Dates are subject to change

Which start-ups can participate?

We are looking for start-ups that are in an advanced stage of maturity and that have a functional prototype or a product that is already launched in the market. We are looking for:



Start-ups with a functional prototype or an innovative technology seeking partnerships to make their business grow


Start-ups with a commercial product or service that can be adapted to any of the sectors where the partners operate


Start-ups with  a product that has been tested and proven in the market that want to scale up to millions of consumers

Which challenges do we want to tackle?

CHALLENGE 1: Biometric Authentication


How can we take advantage of biometrics in order to increase security and enhance user experience during digital transactions, as well as in homes, cars and other infrastructures?

In an increasingly digitized world, securing information and protecting our data is becoming more important than ever. At the same time, customers are becoming more accustomed to immediate and seamless experience in digital transactions and other day-to-day activities. As a result, large companies seek to leverage the advances in biometrics to find unique and more effective methods that guarantee the security of operations and users’ personal data, while facilitating their daily life.

Tags: #Biometry #Authentication #SmartContract #DataManagement #Security

CHALLENGE 2: X Reality


How can we improve business processes and customer service by taking advantage of visualization technologies?

The strategy of any corporation is centered on optimizing production and operational processes as well as bringing value to the market through its products and services. To achieve these objectives, it’s necessary to ensure a remote connection between various systems and to show processes, products, and services in a realistic and immersive way. Doing so can simplify production and supply chain activities for employees in addition to providing clients with optimized support throughout the entire customer journey.

Tags: #ImmersiveExperience #CustomerService #Customer4.0

CHALLENGE 3: Smart City


How can we leverage the connections between systems and the data gathered by our network of urban infrastructures to offer new products and services to citizens in real time?

The rise of smart technologies and technological systems integrated into urban infrastructures results in generating a large amount of user data. In order to differentiate from the competition, large corporations must find new ways to collect and utilize this data not only to offer new products and services, but also to improve the users’ experience according to their current and future needs.

Tags: #SmartCities #SmartMobility #RenewableEnergy #Connectivity


CHALLENGE 4: Circular Economy & Sustainability


How can we take advantage of the circular economy solutions in order to contribute to sustainable development and promote the use of renewable energies?

The transition to renewable energies is continuously accelerated by technological advances and changes in the consumption habits of users who increasingly prefer sustainable and ecological solutions. Large corporations are also involved in this process and seek to contribute to environmental protection by improving their production, maintenance and recycling processes according to the principles of the circular economy. To continue these efforts, it’s necessary to develop new products and services that promote the use of renewable energies, helping to optimize our natural resources and achieve the zero-waste goal.

Tags: #CircularEconomy #ZeroWaste #SocialResponsibility #ResourceOptimization


We have formed alliances with leading enterprises and technology partners to strengthen the Start4big enreprenueiral and innovation ecosystem 

what Are they saying about us?

Cuarenta start-ups compiten en la fase final de la iniciativa de innovación Start4big

Europa Press

Cuarenta start-ups han sido seleccionadas para la fase final de la primera edición de la iniciativa europea de innovación abierta multisectorial Start4big, impulsada por Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT y Telefónica.

40 start-ups que dan respuesta a retos multisectoriales


Start4big, la primera iniciativa europea de innovación abierta multisectorial impulsada por Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT y Telefónica presentará el próximo mes de septiembre las 40 start-ups seleccionadas de su primera edición.

Start4big busca startups para su Segunda Ola de Innovación

El Referente

La iniciativa europea de innovación abierta multisectorial pretende atraer startups, tanto nacionales como internacionales, que desarrollen soluciones disruptivas y que puedan mejorar la experiencia de los consumidores.

Cinco grandes compañías, juntas para apostar por las start-ups tecnológicas


Start4big, competición de innovación abierta multisectorial impulsada por Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT y Telefónica llega a la recta final en su búsqueda de las mejores start-ups con las que colaborar en el desarrollo de soluciones tecnológicas de impacto.

Start4Big alliance connects start-ups with 5 of Spain’s largest corporations


CaixaBank, Seat, Telefónica, Agbar, and Naturgy are joining forces to create ‘Start4Big’, a new platform aiming to kickstart innovative start-ups through their corporate support structures to develop eight projects a year.

CaixaBank, Seat, Telefónica, Agbar y Naturgy se alían para atraer innovación

El País

Las cinco grandes empresas crearán Start4Big, un hub para que startup nacionales e internacionales desarrollen ocho proyectos al año.

La iniciativa Start4big elige a los proyectos de startups que se impulsarán

Aigües de BCN, Caixabank, Naturgy, Seat y Telefónica apadrinan a 5 ‘start-ups’

La Vanguardia

Esta iniciativa es fruto de la alianza de cinco de las principales compañías españolas, CaixaBank, Naturgy, Telefónica, Seat y Aigües de Barcelona, que suman 380 millones de clientes, para atraer a emprendedoras internacionales que desarrollen proyectos innovadores que impacten en sus ámbitos.

Aigües de BCN, Caixabank, Naturgy, Seat y Telefónica apadrinan a 5 'start-ups'

El Periódico

La alianza multisectorial Start4big ha presentado a las cinco ‘start-ups’ seleccionadas para firmar acuerdos de colaboración con Aigües de Barcelona, Caixabank, Naturgy, Seat y Telefónica.

Telefónica, Naturgy, CaixaBank, Seat y Agbar se alían para impulsar la innovación

Dirigentes Digital

Start4Big será el hub puesto en marcha por Telefónica, Seat, Agbar, CaixBank y Naturgy para que startups nacionales e internacionales desarrollen hasta 8 proyectos al año.


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From industry to start-up |  Start4big ® 2018

Start4big ® 2018

From industry to start-up