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The first innovation wave is over! Are you ready to know the winners and tackle the new boldest business challenges?

SEPT '19

Winners Announcement & the Second Wave Kick-Off Event

Find out the winners of the first edition of Start4big and put your name on the map next to the leaders in the 5 major industries that form the initiative

What is Start4big?

We are a cross-sector open innovation initiative in Europe driven by Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT and Telefónica with the goal of finding the best start-ups with which we can develop technological solutions to solve business challenges. We want to be the first to adopt technologies that will have an impact on our customers

Why to partner with Start4big?



We create synergies between large companies and a community of high-level experts and leaders with whom you will make your business grow


We make it easier to access the knowledge and experience of our national and international professionals so that you can scale your project


We make our infrastructure, resources and technical and technological support available to you so that together we can develop pilot projects in real environments

How does it work?

We invite start-ups to compete in our six-month innovation waves and solve two types of business challenges


Cross-sector challenges

Give the opportunity to work with two or more Start4big partners


Transversal challenges

Give the opportunity to work with all the Start4big partners

Which are the most important dates*?

DEC '18

The competition

We open our platform so that you can sign up

MAR '19

Application period

We begin to evaluate the projects we have received

SEPT '19

Winners Announcement & Second Wave Event

Discover the winners of the first edition and join our kick-off event for the second wave

SEPT '19

Pilot projects negociation

We begin to work with you on the development of your solution

* Dates are subject to change

Which start-ups can participate?

We will choose start-ups that are at an advanced stage of maturity, with functional prototypes developed or a product that is ready to go out to the market. At Start4big we are looking for:



Start-ups with a functional prototype or an innovative technology seeking partnerships to make their business grow


Start-ups with a commercial product or service that can be adapted to any of the sectors where the partners operate


Start-ups with  a product that has been tested and proven in the market that want to scale up to millions of consumers

Which challenges do we want to tackle?



How can we track the activities of the clients in real time to personalize their experience?

Companies are evolving and innovating to offer personalised services to their customers. Nonetheless, it is still necessary to get to know the user better and develop tools that allow us to register patterns of behaviour, with which we could anticipate their needs and offer solutions in a personalised way.

Tags: #BigData #Connectivity #SmartCities



How can we help users to control and manage better consumption at home?

Homes are increasingly connected with people’s devices and wearables. Because of this, citizens are demanding better control over their consumption: they want to know how much, how, and on what they are spending their money, to be able to optimise it. It is necessary to move forward with data monitoring and management systems in order to offer information on the effects and to allow the user to act on this.

Tags: #SmartHome #Comfort #Sustainability



How can we improve customer experience and/or reduce digital transactions costs of services and products?

Currently, digital transactions involve long and costly processes for users due to the need to provide numerous pieces of information and to go through an intermediary for authentication. We need to evolve towards new digital transactions to be able to offer services that are personalised and adapted to meet consumers’ needs, immediately and without additional costs.

Tags: #Transactions #PaymentMethods #Blockchain



How can we improve new services taking advantage of communication between different devices, vehicles and infrastructure?

Customers are demanding “smart” products that communicate with one another. There is a need to create a system that guarantees communication between devices and infrastructures in different environments, to evolve products and services in real time and personalise them for each customer.

Tags: #5G #IoT #SmartMobility

what do they say about us?

Start4Big alliance connects startups with 5 of Spain’s largest corporations


CaixaBank, Seat, Telefónica, Agbar, and Naturgy are joining forces to create ‘Start4Big’, a new platform aiming to kickstart innovative startups through their corporate support structures to develop eight projects a year.

Alianza entre grandes para ‘elevar’ la innovación

La Vanguardia

Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT y Telefónica impulsan una plataforma de innovación abierta multisectorial para buscar start-ups con soluciones disruptivas e innovadoras.

CaixaBank, Seat, Telefónica, Agbar y Naturgy se alían para atraer innovación

El País

Las cinco grandes empresas crearán Start4Big, un hub para que startup nacionales e internacionales desarrollen ocho proyectos al año.

Espacio de innovación en la capital catalana

El Periódico

Las compañías Agbar, CaixaBank, Naturgy, Seat y Telefónica se unen por primera vez en España para crear Star4Big.

Telefónica, Naturgy, CaixaBank, Seat y Agbar se alían para impulsar la innovación

Directivos y Gerentes

Start4Big será el hub puesto en marcha por Telefónica, Seat, Agbar, CaixBank y Naturgy para que startups nacionales e internacionales desarrollen hasta 8 proyectos al año.

Telefónica, Naturgy, CaixaBank, Seat y Agbar se alían para impulsar la innovación

Dirigentes Digital

Start4Big será el hub puesto en marcha por Telefónica, Seat, Agbar, CaixBank y Naturgy para que startups nacionales e internacionales desarrollen hasta 8 proyectos al año.

Neix Start4Big, l'aliança innovadora de cinc grans empreses

VIA Empresa

CaixaBank, Naturgy, Aigües de Barcelona, Seat i Telefónica creen un ‘hub’ per impulsar vuit projectes per any.

Nace Start4big, la primera iniciativa europea de innovación formada por cinco grandes compañías

Europa Press

Nace Start4big, la primera iniciativa digital, abierta y multisectorial impulsada por cinco grandes compañías en Europa, que busca ‘startups’ internacionales en estado de madurez para que desarrollen soluciones reales para el mercado.


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From industry to start-up |  Start4big ® 2018

Start4big ® 2018

From industry to start-up