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Who is it aimed at?
Start4big is looking for start-ups at an advanced stage of maturity *(minimum TRL6)*, with developed functional prototypes, or with a product or service that is already on the market.
Why should I take part in Start4big?
Start4big is a unique window that provides visibility to start-ups before leading companies in various sectors, as well as before other innovators and key players in the ecosystem. The platform provides access to resources and key experts to develop prototypes in real environments, and it is supported by the partners’ individual open innovation initiatives.
How long does the competition last?
The competition is structured in waves of innovation, each of which lasts six months. Those six months last from when the challenges are launched to the selection and publication of winners.
How are the start-ups chosen?
Once applications have been received, an international panel of judges will be tasked with analysing and evaluating the projects in accordance with the predefined evaluation criteria. After this assessment, the final list of winning start-ups will be announced.
I have a question, who can I turn to?

Send an email to or submit your question via the contact form that you will find on our website:

About the aplications

Can start-ups from any technological field apply?
Start4big does not put any limits on the technological areas with which we work, given that our objective is to tackle big challenges using all the technologies available to us.
Can any member of my team apply?
Yes! Anyone who is part of your company can enrol the start-up in the competition.
Which documents should I send to complete my entry?
You should fill in the application form, which you can find on the registration platform. To this form you should attach a document of a maximum of two pages in which you explain your solution to the challenge to which you are applying.
In what language do I have to send my project?
The programme and the assessment will only be carried out in English.
Can I apply to two or more challenges in the same wave of innovation?
Yes! You can apply to as many of the challenges as you like, as long as your project offers a solution to each challenge.
I participated but was not selected, can I sign up again?
Yes! You can sign up for the competition as often as you wish to, provided that your product offers a solution for the challenges being launched.

About the location

Will Start4big have a physical space?
No! Start4big assumes that physical space is not the only environment where ideas and knowledge can be shared: innovation can happen anywhere in the world. For this reason, we want to break geographical boundaries and not be linked to a specific place.

Nonetheless, events will be held that will need a physical space, and for these we will count on the venues that Start4big’s partners have in Barcelona.  

I don’t live in Barcelona or in Spain, can I take part?
Yes! We’re looking for start-ups and companies from around the world, without geographical limits.
Will Start4big provide me with a physical space to work with the partners?
The partners involved will decide together with the winning start-ups which resources, spaces and infrastructure will be provided for developing the prototype.

About the winners

Will there only be one winner per challenge?
No! All the start-ups with a project that has the potential to solve the challenge and the ability to work on a pilot project with the partners according to the judges’ criteria will be chosen as a winner of the challenge. For this reason, there is no set number of winners for each challenge.
If I win the competition, will my start-up receive any kind of funding?
The aim of this initiative is to find a partnership model between the start-ups and the companies involved that will benefit both parties, with the objective of developing the solution proposed by the start-up. In principle, investment by the Start4big partners is not envisaged, but this aspect will ultimately depend on the negotiations that take place prior to the project’s development.
Does Start4big provide financial support to pay for subsistence, flights and accommodation for the prize giving event?
Start4big does not guarantee help for transport, travel to and/or accommodation in Barcelona for the prize giving event, however, it may be possible to reach an agreement with the companies involved.
Who will have the rights to the solution developed?
All legal matters and questions concerning intellectual property relating to the pilot to be developed shall be defined during prior negotiations between the start-up and the partners involved.
If I win a challenge, who will I develop the pilot project with?
If you win a challenge, there will be a negotiation phase between the start-up and the partners involved to decide how many partners you will develop your project with.
Can I bring another contributor to develop the pilot?
Yes! You can bring another contributor, but the terms and conditions will be defined during the negotiation phase between the start-up and the partners.
Is my physical presence during the pilot’s development necessary?
It is recommended that the start-up be physically present to facilitate the development of the project, however this will be established during negotiations between the start-up and the partners.

About the associates

What are the roles of judges and ambassadors/associates?
The main role of a judge is to evaluate the projects related to their field of expertise, whilst that of ambassadors/associates is to recommend at least three start-ups with the potential to solve the challenges that are set. Anyone who is interested in working with Start4big in one of these capacities will receive a guide where the requirements, level of involvement, functions and benefits of this collaboration are outlined.
How can I be an ambassador, a judge or an associate of Start4big?
  1. Through direct contact with the organisation. The Start4big team will proactively contact those people whose professional profile suggests that they may be able to fulfil these roles.
  2. By sending an email to info@start4big.comasking to take part, or through the contact form that you will find at The organising team together with the initiative’s partners will ultimately decide whether your profile meets the requirements.
  3. By recommendation of another judge or ambassador. The organising team together with the initiative’s partners will ultimately decide whether your profile meets the requirements.

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